lördag, januari 17, 2009

Israels rätt att försvara sig mot sina egna medborgares försök att visa medmänsklighet

Den israeliska organisationen Physicians for Human Rights skulle - efter att ha erhållit tillstånd - frakta mediciner och medicinsk utrustning till Gaza, men stoppades av polis, som illegalt beslagtog deras fordon:
The police confiscated the drivers’ licenses of the bus drivers and hijacked the buses back to Tel Aviv under police escort. The drivers, scared of losing their licenses, took the passengers back, and their licenses were given back to them only in Tel Aviv.

The police officers admitted that what they did was totally illegal but they said there was “no choice”. This was sheer hijacking. Passengers were not allowed to get off the bus. I’d like to remind those who read this, that we live in “the only democracy in the middle east”.
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