måndag, augusti 25, 2008


Bill O'Reilly, numera debattankare på Fox News, samtalar med några medarbetare. (Via Partigiana Livornesi Scandinavia)

En skön remix finns här.

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Björn Fridén sa...

Den har en given plats i iPoden på nästa joggingrunda.

mrtn sa...

Jeg tror det var etter den jobben der at O'Reilly skrev (grøss!) en roman. Ti poeng hvis du klarer å finne hevnfantasien:

Plot summary

The antagonist is a tall, "no-nonsense" television journalist named Shannon Michaels, described as the product of two Celtic parents, who is pushed out by Global News Network, and systematically murders the people who ruined his career.

Meanwhile, the protagonist, a "straight-talking" Irish-American New York City homicide detective named Tommy O’Malley, is charged with solving the murders that Michaels has committed, while competing with Michaels for the heart of Ashley Van Buren, a blond, sexy aristocrat turned crime columnist. Some reviewers have claimed that Michaels and O'Malley are "thinly veiled versions" of O'Reilly.[2]

Michaels stalks the woman who forced his resignation from the network and throws her off a balcony. He next murders a television research consultant who had advised the local station to dismiss him by burying him in beach sand up to his neck and letting him slowly drown. Finally, during a break in the Radio and Television News Directors Association convention, he slits the throat of the station manager. After this, he is pursued by O'Malley and Van Buren, where he attempts to lose them by crossing a runway in front of a speeding jet. Although he makes it, his car's right back tire is cut by the jet's wing, causing the car to spin, flip over, and be subsequently melted by the exhaust from the jet, which explodes. Michaels dies in extreme agony, as his contacts (used to hide his identity) burn into his eyes and a chunk of the car crushes his head in.

Anonym sa...

Tror Ali E. att det där var nytt?

Ali E. börjar bli gammal...

Anonym sa...

det står 'numera'.

är du en idiot?


Paolo Pissoffi sa...

Första september är det loofahday.


Se de sista tre minutrarna.

Förresten: Bill O`reilly har även skrivit en bok för barn. Skrämmande.

Anonym sa...

Fan, han är ju ännu bättre med hår på huvudet! :]

Anonym sa...

Rekomenderar hans bok "The culture warrior" varmt. Helt omöjligt att avgöra om det är ironi eller allvar för den som inte känner till honom sedan tidigare.

Miro sa...

Kolla in producent-varianten också, den är skoj :)