onsdag, november 15, 2006


TV-kanalen al-Jazeera har revolutionerat arabisk nyhetsförmedling. Genom att hålla sig till en liberal yttrandefrihetstradition och satsa på sanningssökande kvalitetsjournalistik har kanalen retat upp många arabiska regeringar. Nu kör kanalens engelskspråkiga sändningar igång. Den irakiska marionettregeringen stänger då ned kanalen och arresterar redaktionen. Tidigare har USA vid flera tillfällen beskjutit kanalens utsända.

Birth Pangs of a New Middle East.

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mika sa...

Hittils har västmakterna (USA) mördat över 100 journalister i Irak, bombat Al Jazeeras och andra redaktioner som inte frivilligt låter sig "bäddas in" i amerikansk "demokratisk" fetvadd.

Yttrandefrihet? I helvete heller, Juliana Sgrena kan berätta mer om hur det känns att bli beskjuten från alla håll och mot alla odds överleva.

Uppenbarligen har amerikanska ockupationssoldater tränat hårt i Israel i hur man "hanterar media"..

I papegojmedia är det talande tyst om dessa journalister som mördas för "demokratin" och "yttrandefriheten" mer skrivs det och fler krokodiltårar fälls det då för tex. det Hariri-liknande mordet på Politovskaya. Hon och hennes tidning stod på NEDs och ett antal andra amerikanska NGOer´s lönelistor och skrev vad uppdragsgivarna ville höra.
Mark Ames (Exile):
"What exactly was Anna Politkovskaya's bullet-riddled corpse worth to the West? No surprise here: A juicy opportunity to demonize Putin and Russia.

Immediately after her murder, Reuters showed how her death was going to be spun with the headline, "Outspoken Putin Critic Shot Dead In Moscow." The implication was obvious: Putin ordered it.

Articles noted that she was killed on Putin's birthday, implying that it was a gift to himself. On the eve of his visit to Germany to close a big energy contract. Can you imagine Putin actually ordering the hit on his birthday, just before meeting Merkel for a key energy summit? "Okay, here's the plan, Sechin. I want you to kill Politkovskaya. I know, it's true that her articles have almost no effect on our policies in Chechnya and are ignored by all but a small percentage of liberal Russians, but so what. Oo, she makes me so angry! Once she's out of the way, my grip on power will finally be secured. Mwah-hah-hah! But wait, that's not all. Oh no, I'm much more dastardly than that. See, I'm not asking for much for my birthday, Sechin. Forget the Bulgari watches that you guys give me every year. I want her corpse brought to me with a big red birthday bow tied around it. I want to kill her on my birthday, just before my big meeting in Germany. They'll understand. After all, they're Germans. You know--Nazis, just like me! Deal? Yeah? Oh, goodie! I'm so deliciously evil, even Stewie would envy me. Why, this is going to be the best birthday of my life! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!..."

But that was just the beginning. The notoriously Russophobic Fred Hiatt at the Washington Post published an editorial that more directly implicated Putin: "It is quite possible, without performing any detective work, to say what is ultimately responsible for these deaths: It is the climate of brutality that has flourished under Mr. Putin."

This is a cheap way of saying that Putin is responsible, but like most Russia-haters, they leave out some obvious contradictions. Such as, for example, is Putin also responsible for the hit on Paul Klebnikov, who was profoundly pro-Putin? And what about all the journalists murdered during Yeltsin's tenure? Did Hiatt or any of the others ever blame Yeltsin -- the one who truly introduced the brutality, corruption and lawlessness into Russia? No, of course not, because Yeltsin did The West's bidding. Crimes committed while being pro-American simply do not exist.

Anne Applebaum, one of the Post's resident neocons, went the extra sleazy mile when she got ahold of Politkovskaya's corpse. In her October 9th column, "A Moscow Murder Story," Applebaum simply lied about the circumstances of her murder, and quite consciously so, when she essentially blamed Klebnikov's inconvenient death, as well as other provincial journalists killed for investigating local corruption, on Putin. Interestingly, in her article she openly narrows her focus on "journalists killed after 2000" -- gee, how convenient. Because that means she wouldn't have to mention all the journalists killed during Yeltsin's term, since that would muddy up the good/evil picture that her entire thesis rests on.

Applebaum is a special case, one of those moral crusaders, the American Anna Politkovskaya, who has made a living courageously exposing state crimes committed by...get this...not her own country, oh heck no! Because her own country only does good! Nope, Anne Applebaum makes her living by sitting in the safety of Washington DC, and exposing crimes committed by a country on the other side of the globe! That country being Russia of course. Hey, give that woman a Pulitzer, will ya?! Hence her book Gulag, packed with all the affected moral outrage that you'd expect. Indeed, one thing that has always filled Applebaum with rage is wondering why Russians don't take her seriously (a question she poses as more abstract -- ie, why don't Russians care about the Gulags as much as Anne does?). Here's why: Can you imagine how much moral authority a right-wing Russian journalist's book about the American genocide of Indians would have in America? Answer: about as much as Anne's book has in Russia. None.

alandalus sa...

Det ska gå att få in Al-Jazeera English via Com Hem och Canal Digital.


Anonym sa...

Är liberaler för yttrandefrihet? Jag trodde att de mest gillade att äta barn och ägna sig åt folkmord.

Mr. Lovelace

Anonym sa...


Jasså, där avslöjade du dig själv. Du är ju en Putin kramande fascistjävel. Putin som för tillfället begår folkmord på tjejenier håller du under ditt beskydd. Visste att det döljde sig en fascist under den kommunistiska fasaden...

Anonym sa...

Ja, det är jävligt skrämmande att Ali släpper in Mika så fort han skriver något. Ali har inte fattat att Mika är en Putin-älskande gammal antisemit, som också stödde serbernas folkmor på Balkan.