söndag, september 16, 2007

Smash n' grab i Irak

Mellanösternexperten Juan Cole skriver om och länkar till artiklar om situationen i det ockuperade Irak, där oljestölden fortgår i takt med dödandet och det sociala sammanbrottet: Iraq Oil Bonanza for Hunt; Displacement, Hunger, Alcoholism, Addiction for Iraqis. Läs!

En av artiklarna som Cole länkar till är den före detta diplomaten John Browns öppna brev till general Petraeus:
As a Foreign Service officer for over twenty years, General, I served in countries that were under or had been under Soviet occupation: Czechoslovakia, Poland, Estonia, Ukraine. The Soviets may have talked about “socialist brotherhood” but the inhabitants of these countries remained unconvinced. That is because the Soviets and their local surrogates proclaimed eternal friendship while trying to impose their will by the barrel of a gun. Soviet embassies in Eastern Europe — reminiscent of the monstrous one we are building in Baghdad — were a symbol of oppression. [...] Simply, General, it is time to stop the lying, and time for you to walk away from the lies.

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