måndag, april 06, 2009

Måste-läsning om Israel och Apartheid

Hazem Jamjoum har en mycket välskriven och klargörande artikel i Electronic Intifada. Not an analogy: Israel and the crime of apartheid.
The analysis of Israel as an apartheid state has proven to be very important in several respects. First, it correctly highlights racial discrimination as a root cause of Israel's oppression of Palestinians. Second, one of the main effects of Israeli apartheid is that it has separated Palestinians -- conceptually, legally and physically -- into different groupings (refugees, West Bank, Gaza, within the "green line" and a host of other divisions within each), resulting in the fragmentation of the Palestinian liberation movement, including the solidarity movement. The apartheid analysis enables us to provide a legal and conceptual framework under which we can understand, convey and take action in support of the Palestinian people and their struggle as a unified whole. Third, and of particular significance to the solidarity movement, this legal and conceptual framework takes on the prescriptive role underpinning the growing global movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel until it complies with international law.
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Staffan V sa...

En viktig sak att poängtera är att parallellen till apartheid också visar på att det finns en väg ut ur problemen.