torsdag, november 25, 2010

Handbok för samtida orientalister

Måste tipsa om fantastisk artikel på KABOBfest: «How to Write about Arabia».
Among your characters you must always include The Hysterical Mother, who can’t speak any English and wanders the refugee camp slapping herself and screaming and cursing at the West. Her children are young fundamentalists, and she is shown weeping for fear that her sons will turn out to be suicide bombers. She must look utterly helpless, and snot must run down her nose. She can have no past, no history; such diversions ruin the dramatic moment. Moans are good. She must never say anything about herself in the dialogue except to speak of her (unspeakable) suffering. Also be sure to include a warm and beautiful veiled woman who has a shy laugh and who is concerned for her country. These characters should buzz around your main hero, making him look good.

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Helena Duroj sa...

"shy laugh" - JAAAA!
det är inte mwahahah som menas

AK sa...

Den texten är skriven som en ny version av den här artikeln: (finns på youtube också! )

Lite läskigt att se hur lätt det är att bara byta ut några nyckelord för att få ungefär samma fördomar att stämma på en helt annan del av världen...