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Gaza i London Review of Books

Tack vare tips härifrån noterar jag att London Review of books har ett antal mycket intressanta och viktiga texter om massakern i Gaza – och dess djupgående konsekvenser både i och utanför Mellanöstern.

Huvudtexten i LRB är skriven av Henry Siegman, tidigare chef för American Jewish Congress och Synagogue Council of America. Han går igenom många av Israels de vanligaste propagandalögner; om att Hamas skulle ha brutit vapenvilan (Det var Israel som bröt vapenvilan), om att Hamas faktiska politik skulle vara inriktad på att ”utplåna Israel” (Hamas har för övrigt godkänt avtal som de facto visar beredskap att acceptera 1967 års gränser) eller att Israel utrymde bosättningarna i Gaza för att ge palestinierna en chans att etablera en stat (Sharon meddelade öppet att frågan om en palestinsk stat var helt avförd från dagordningen).

Men Siegman skriver också om stämplingen av Hamas som terrororganisation, i relation till de organisationer som slogs för etablerande av staten Israel och de senares användning av terror för storskalig etnisk rensning. Och så skriver han:
Why then are Israel’s leaders so determined to destroy Hamas? Because they believe that its leadership, unlike that of Fatah, cannot be intimidated into accepting a peace accord that establishes a Palestinian ‘state’ made up of territorially disconnected entities over which Israel would be able to retain permanent control. Control of the West Bank has been the unwavering objective of Israel’s military, intelligence and political elites since the end of the Six-Day War. They believe that Hamas would not permit such a cantonisation of Palestinian territory, no matter how long the occupation continues. They may be wrong about Abbas and his superannuated cohorts, but they are entirely right about Hamas.
Ta en stund och läs hela!

I numret finns också välskrivna kommentarer från en lång rad intellektuella, som Tariq Ali, Eric Hobsbawm, Rashid Khalidi, Yitzhak Laor, Ilan Pappe, med flera.

Tariq Ali:
The war on Gaza has killed the two-state solution by making it clear to Palestinians that the only acceptable Palestine would have fewer rights than the Bantustans created by apartheid South Africa. The alternative, clearly, is a single state for Jews and Palestinians with equal rights for all.
Eric Hobsbawm:
For three weeks barbarism has been on show before a universal public, which has watched, judged and with few exceptions rejected Israel’s use of armed terror against the one and a half million inhabitants blockaded since 2006 in the Gaza Strip. Never have the official justifications for invasion been more patently refuted by the combination of camera and arithmetic; or the newspeak of ‘military targets’ by the images of bloodstained children and burning schools. Thirteen dead on one side, 1360 on the other: it isn’t hard to work out which side is the victim. There is not much more to be said about Israel’s appalling operation in Gaza.

Except for those of us who are Jews. In a long and insecure history as a people in diaspora, our natural reaction to public events has inevitably included the question: ‘Is it good or bad for the Jews?’ In this instance the answer is unequivocally: ‘Bad for the Jews’
Yitzhak Laor:
Israel is engaged in a long war of annihilation against Palestinian society. The objective is to destroy the Palestinian nation and drive it back into pre-modern groupings based on the tribe, the clan and the enclave. This is the last phase of the Zionist colonial mission, culminating in inaccessible townships, camps, villages, districts, all of them to be walled or fenced off, and patrolled by a powerful army which, in the absence of a proper military objective, is really an over-equipped police force, with F16s, Apaches, tanks, artillery, commando units and hi-tech surveillance at its disposal.

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