lördag, december 26, 2009

Krigsveteranen Pike Prysner om rasism, ockupation och den riktiga fienden. (Nu med bilder)

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mohammed ali sa...

Fascist Alis fiender finner du i Danmark .

Satirikere som avkler diktator rævdilternes deres motbydlige hykleri er islamofober ifølge fascist Ali .


Iranian Supporters of Ahmadinejad in Copenhagen

mohammed ali sa...

Mike Prysner PSL

De fascistiske neo-Stalinistiske rævdiltere gir oss sannheter .

The PSL supports the government of Cuba, and while critical of the current Chinese government, it views the Chinese Revolution favorably. The PSL also supports the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela – a frequent topic in its magazine. It has endorsed activities that call for the release of the Cuban Five – deemed political prisoners by supporters – and called for the extradition of Luis Posada Carriles from the US

Iraq war veteran and PSL member Michael Prysner discussed imperialism as a specific stage of capitalist development, pointing out that the struggle against the ongoing wars is inextricably linked to the struggle against capitalism. “We live in the era where capitalism has outgrown exploitation in this country, and must expand into a global system of colonial oppression. If it did anything else, it simply would not be capitalism.”

Anonym sa...

gäsp. flyger du ofta i usa?